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blog: DDoS and DoS: What are the Major Differences?

Before proceeding towards to acknowledge the differences between the DDoS and DoS, a query has to be answered first.

    Before proceeding towards to acknowledge the differences between the DDoS and DoS, a query has to be answered first.

    What is the connection between the DDoS and the dedicated server?

    DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack targets a computer resource to block the user accessibility. Don't take it this attack with ease. It can harm more than one computer or connection or even the entire dedicated server. Usually, the computer systems are distributed at different locations and are the part of what is known as the "Botnet".

    Understood? You can easily trace the degree of the risk of DDoS attack reading the above statement. Beware of the DDoS attack else, your system can be hijacked by this fatal virus.

    On the flip side, if we shift towards DoS (Denial of Service) attack, then it is the sibling of the DDoS. The DoS attack is to overload the targeted server's bandwidth and other resources. This will cut the link between the user and the website or the server. They function on the same principal and their objective is to damage the entire system.

    Wait! Every problem has the solution. Same, the DDoS attack has its rivals that counterattack on them. In the worst case, if your system is adversely affected with this dreadful malware, then you can contact the DDoS protection service to get rid of DDoS attack. Same as for the DoS attack.
    Okay, let's view the differences between the DDoS and DoS Attacks...

    Dissimilarities between DDoS and DoS

    • Both have the same mission, but the dimension of attacking power diverges. DDoS attack strikes all at a once whereas DoS attack targets the one at a time. In fact, the DDoS is pitched from multiple connected sources and so affect more, whereas, the DoS is the single-source virus.

    • Even, their execution also differs. DDoS attacks are bombarded from the botnets, whilst the DoS attacks are launched utilizing homebrewed scripts or DoS tools.

    • Due to the grade of sources (multiple) in DDoS, it is quite arduous for a server to withstand its attack as compared to the DoS incursion.

    • The next difference between DDoS and DoS is that DDoS allows the traffic flowed from the legitimate but compromised source IPs.

    • It is pretty challenging to detect the actual source of DDoS attack, as it has originated from miscellaneous sources as compared to DoS that has come from a single source. Even, it can't be eradicated by blocking the single IP address.

    • In addition to the source, even it will be so tricky to isolate the authentic user traffic among total traffic in DDoS attack rather than the DoS attack.

    DDoS and DoS both the attacks create from simple to disastrous harm to your system. Thereby, if you really want to keep your system protected and secured, then do contact the right DoS and DDoS protection service provider and get your computer shielded with the high-tech and appropriate antivirus.

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