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blog: Is your network down due to DDoS Attack?

Did you just experience network failure and your computer system or network is under attack?

    Did you just experience network failure and your computer system or network is under attack? You might be one of the numerous internet victim facing DDoS attack and you need to fix this problem soon because the attack will evolve and affect other system in communication with your PC.
    For Example- If you use skype, your friends and contacts will also face DDoS attack. It will block their internet services and they will spread it to their contacts and so on.

    So, DDoS attacks are very lethal and powerful to stop your internet services and steal valuable information present on your hard drive.
    It is time you hire a DDoS Mitigation service provider to troubleshoot these issues.

    What is DDoS and Why my system was affected

    • DDoS attacks are started by many professional gamers or hackers.

    • Many online game championships are lucrative and offer heavy returns for gamers. Gamers who are losing games will send a DDoS attack to other gamers. They will lose their internet connection which will increase the chances of weak gamers who started the DDoS attack.

    • Many hackers also send DDoS signals to steal important data like credit card information, messages, and other personal information.

    • The attacker use many systems (known as "zombies") to launch the attack, making it more difficult to identify each system and stop them. Some zombies are very robust and powerful and strong Mitigation services are required to shut them down to stop the attack. You may not be the target of the attack, however due to the nature of DDoS attack; your computer network is offline at this moment in this massive sweep.

    How can I Get Rid of this attack

    You need to hire a DDoS protection provider who will provide services to filter the network traffic and only send trusted traffic to your system.

    There are many benefits when you hire a provider-:

    • They have prior experience in resolving such attacks. They build solutions to ensure malicious bots are filtered and not allowed to enter your system/network/server.

    • The mitigation network and the human detection system ensures bots are filtered at both application and front end layer. The network combines secure and custom algorithms to check the IP address of each request and filter the trusted requests and bot requests.

    • They offer premium bandwidth, good latency, and quality support through specialized network and DDoS engineers.

    • They offer free setup and an attractive pricing scheme to suit your pockets.

    • They offer high end Colocation facilities where your servers are placed inside a DDoS Protected network with 10GE carriers. The network ensures any attack is mitigated instantly with no downtime and side effects.

    • They provide 24x7 network support and always improve their techniques and technology to stop any new DDoS attacks.
    So, you must choose before it is too late!

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